Bulova watch list of serial numbers to date your watch

Bulova watch list of serial numbers to date your watch

February 8, in Diver Tags: Opening the caseback revealed a Favre-Leuba cal. The calibre FL is the date only version of the FL which I wrote about in this post concerning a Sea Raider model from the same period. Both of these calibres were based on the A. Removing the bezel ring and crystal from the watch quickly revealed the source of the problem with the inner bezel — our old friend, emulsified gasket… always an unwelcome visitor! The melted gasket was literally sticking the inner bezel to the crystal, and had to be very carefully removed to avoid it smearing all over the white inner bezel.


My plan is to go for one of the trinity brands then work my way down. When I take the time to think over it, I’d like to have some precious metal with the robustness of a sports watch; that’s where the OR comes in. I’m torn between these three and am here seeking for some Snob enlightenment. Of course, the ST is really the classic of the two, as you rightly observe.

However, if you are going to depart from the Jumbo, the OR is not a bad destination.

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Words By Hung Doan Share this story: I recently got myself the Bulova Moon Watch, a reproduction released by the brand earlier this year. For those of you unaware, the watch is based on an unofficial prototype worn by Astronaut David Scott during the Apollo 15 mission. Bulova naturally seized on the hype, and released their homage to that now iconic watch later that year. The Bulova Moonwatch re-edition. Now, as fascinating as this all is, I prefer to dig a little deeper on the watches I buy, so I started doing some research.

Specifically, I wanted to know the differences between the original and the current reproduction, so I started with the movement. In my research, there was confusion whether the original had a Valjoux 72 or That was totally unexpected, but being as curious as I am, I found find myself falling down a rabbit hole, one that I learned was filled with many dubious leads.

Advertisement Unsurprisingly, most Internet forum chatter is hearsay. Claims are often presented without any substantiated research or proof.


Taylerson, ‘Horological Journal’ Sept. Taylerson searches voluminous Military archives to list timepieces issued to The British Armed Forces. This article describes only mechanical instruments.

The Bulova CURV is an interesting idea and there are quite a few things to like about it at its price point, but the Grand Seiko Quartz models are in a different league entirely (as well as.

We proudly worked on: Entrust your watch to a professional We’ve worked on just about every watch brand in the world ranging from simple quartz battery operating movements used by many watch manufacturers to complex mechanisms containing COSC certified chronometer, perpetual calendar, minute repeater, tourbillon module even triple date calendar. We’ve worked on one of the most complex Patek Philippe watch. Our Certificates We’ve dedicated hundereds of hours into improving our skills.

Our Services in the comfort of your home or office with peace of mind. Watch Movement Overhaul and Cleaning Our master watch technicians specialize in watch movement overhauling, utilizing only the latest in watch repair technology and sourcing the highest-grade genuine parts for most major watch brands including Your watch is only as accurate as the battery that powers it. Ensure that your watch continues working to its fullest capacity with a professional battery replacement from Manhattan Time Service.

Restoration of Dial and Hands If any portion of your watch’s dial has been damaged including numbers that have come loose or corrosion of the dial material itself or if the hands have been impaired in any way, contact us to schedule a repair or replacement. Replace Broken or Cracked Watch Crystal Your watch’s crystal may easily become damaged due to accidental impact, repetitive scraping or brushing, or any number of other common issues.

Fortunately, a broken, scratched, or cracked watch crystal can be replaced. In addition, these integral parts allow you to set the time on your watch; without them, the watch is entirely without function. Bring your watch to us for and choose from our vast selection of different colors, sizes and styles to choose from, and leave with a watch that looks and feels like new. If you are experiencing issues with fitting, your watch may make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day and the improper fit may actually damage your timepiece.


This is probably the most common question watch collectors have. Sometimes it is easy to answer, and sometimes it is impossible. There have been a lot of watch manufacturing companies that have come and gone over the years. Many have gone out of business, while others destroyed records to save space. Some companies as with the Gruen Watch Company , even lost rocords to fire or other natural disaster.

A few caveats when dating your watch, specifically when using movement serial numbers: 1 – That movements could have been made years prior to its incorporation into your watch. Technique 1 – Serial Numbers that begin with the letter G or L.

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How to Date Watches

Over the years, Bulova used a variety of codes that allow you to date the case simply by comparing the code to a reference. After , the date code is typically found on the back of the case. Beginning in , Bulova used a simple code to date the case. The code is a single letter and a single digit. The letter represents the decade, the number the last digit in the year.

The name “X” was originally chosen only as the internal development project codename but was later retained as the production modelname.

Dating Vintage Bulova Watches Next year is an important passing point, years we look at our history but this is the beginning of the next Bulova watches with s and 30s decostyle or space age, stheme faces also are worth more and bring the highest prices at auctions. Thats a question that only you can answer.. Genuinely Bulovas are almost universally marked clearly on the dial with the word Bulova.

The crystal is acrylic so I will tell him, in half a year or so, about Polywatch and later on about polishing the stainless steel case if he asks. Our hosts kindly showed us around and answered all our questions..

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Another wrench spanner for you Brits in the toolbox is always welcomed as Gruen collectors need all the help they can get. One was developed by Jack Wood, the other Barry Cooper. Both are top-notch Gruen historians and researchers.

A Smith’s chrome aviator’s or motorist’s pocket watch, the black dial with luminous hands and numbers, bottom winder, magnet on back, to/w a gold plated Bulova wristwatch, two other wristwatches, a fob watch, Fero Feldman Cuff-link watch (with matching blank cuff-link), Ormo ring-watch and fob compass.

How to Date Watches? The movement is the spring-loaded mechanism the runs and regulates the timepiece. Watches like Elgin, Waltham and Omega kept excellent records, allowing for good dating of their watches. Watchmakers like Gruen, however, destroyed their records, making exact dating impossible. Watches with Serial Numbers Use a case blade to pry open the snap-on case back of a pocket or wristwatch. Rotate a screw-down case back counterclockwise with the palm of your hand.

Remove the case back of either type from the watch. Use a jeweler’s loupe to inspect the movement for a serial number. Serial numbers can range from six to nine digits and may include a combination of letters and numbers. Elgins, for example, may have a letter in front of a series of numbers. Omegas have seven or eight digits.

Bulova Vintage Men’s Wrist Watch 1960s

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