New Colt Cobra Special revolver

New Colt Cobra Special revolver

Colt Cobra sets standard for snubbie revolvers Snake guns could not be hotter these days, and with the revived Cobra, Colt makes their first re-entry into the beloved reptilian market. The double-action, stainless steel Cobra revolver is built for concealability. The small-framed, two-inch barrel, and unloaded ounce weight makes this an ideal carry gun or backup arm. The Cobra features Hogue over-molded grips, which make this pocket gun more controllable than its counterparts, comes equipped with a red fiber optic front sight but a Tritium upgrade partnered with the old-style trench rear is also available, and the clean matte stainless is currently the only available finish. The gun comes packed in a much larger than necessary Colt blue plastic case. While outward appearances of the original and new Cobras are not terribly different other than in exterior finish, the internals bear little resemblance to one another. Tearing down the new Cobra for a thorough examination of internals reveals a new style, but more of the same quality work. The Colt Cobra snubbed nose revolver. Although we expected no less than perfection, the Cobra fired all ammo with percent reliability. Both the hand and transfer bar also look different, yet tolerances seem no less precise.

Snubbie Snake Resurfaces: Colt Brings Back Iconic Cobra Revolver

Altamont Colt King Cobra and Colt Anaconda grips available in Oversized Fingergroove style in durable materials with Colt licensed medallions and logos. In Colt introduced a lightweight aluminum alloy frame revolver called the Cobra. It was built on the same D series design as the Detective Special. Click on a red number to view more.

Feb 02,  · Double action stayed about the same but single action dropped to (3 pulls , , ) and smooth smooth smooth. Overall I think it’s a great little Colt, will be heading back to the range this weekend and will post a range report.

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December 27, No Comments 7. It serves as a great trail, camp or home-defense gun, capable of full-power loads but really performs with moderate loads. Would prefer the non-“Gripper” Pachmayr “Presentation” grip on those cold days with a gloved hand and a protective crown on the muzzle with a white sight! A note, it’s better fit to a large hand. Certainly it’s not the old Python but I’ve read that the more modern springs internally may be superior.

Not as accurate as my Dan Wesson on the target range but great to pack around for defense or plinking.

The Colt Cobra is a lightweight, aluminum-framed, double-action short-barrelled revolver, not to be confused with the Colt King Cobra. The Cobra was chambered in Special, New police, Colt New Police, and LR. It holds six shots of ammunition and was sold by Colt from until

History[ edit ] The. Colt began work on the revolver in , and submitted a sample to the U. Army in late The revolver was accepted for purchase in The rebated heel type bullet design of its predecessor, the. Army , dropped production of the. The M Govt round was replaced by the. This round was never loaded commercially, and is almost identical to the original. The rim is large enough that it cannot be loaded in adjacent chambers in the rod-ejector Colt model. Additionally, the round has seen resurgence as a cartridge in handgun hunting and Metallic Silhouette Shooting competitions beginning in the s with the introduction of stronger, heavier framed handguns.

The cartridge’s popularity has also increased with the increased marketing of handguns that can also fire the.

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Gear Handguns Snubbie Snake Resurfaces: Our writer puts this snubbie through its paces. Most recently, the company has made serious changes to regain its status as a leader in firearms. But the company is not turning away from its past, recognizing the value of the Colt name and the following some of its older products still enjoy with a segment of the firearms buying public.

Jan 26,  · If this is really a Colt King Cobra with a 2 or inch barrel, then $ is a steal – assuming the gun is in decent shape. The King Cobra was Colt’s answer to the S&W and It is a nice revolver, accurate and well : Resolved.

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New Colt Cobra

The KC design dates to when Colt discontinued all the older style revolvers except the Python. This meant that the revolver’s parts were built to such close specs, the assembler had to do little fitting to individual parts. With the Mark III, Colt introduced the first modern transfer-bar ignition system, that was so good, all other revolvers designed since use a virtual copy of Colt’s design.

The Colt cartridge, which is sometimes called Long Colt, LC, or ×33mmR, is a handgun cartridge dating to It was originally a black-powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army cartridge was adopted by the U.S. Army in and served as an official US military handgun cartridge for 14 years. While it is sometimes referred to as Long.

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New Colt Cobra

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RARE Colt King Cobra CCL" Magnum

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The Colt Double Action Revolver returns with a robust stainless-steel frame and a linear leaf mainspring design that ensures consistently smooth trigger pull. Enhanced grip and trigger ergonomics create a naturally pointing revolver that is compatible wit.

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3″ Colt Cobra .38 Special

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