Springfield M1 Garand with overlapping serial numbers

Springfield M1 Garand with overlapping serial numbers

The M1 was used extensively by U. Most M1 rifles were issued to soldiers, though many thousands were also given as foreign aid to friendly forces. It is also widely sought after by the civilian population as a hunting rifle, target rifle, as well as a prized military collectible. It is available for American civilian ownership through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. History Although designed in , production delayed deliveries to the Army till September Machine production began at Springfield Armory that month at a rate of ten rifles per day, and reached an output of per day within two years. Despite going into production status, design issues were not at an end.

M1 Garand serial number stock cartouche list

The first group were A3’s that Martin B. These were original GI receivered barrels and actions. They all retained their original GI markings. The first group of National Ordnance A3’s were manufactured between late and With the exception of the first 10, all were manufactured when National Ordnance was owned solely by John Arnold. Surplus Springfield A3 parts and barrels were still readily available in , when Arnold expressed a desire to Bob Penney for National Ordnance to begin manufacturing A3’s.

A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds occupation differs from an armorer who usually only replaces worn parts in standard firearms. A gunsmith actually does modifications and changes to a firearm that may require a very high level of craftsmanship requiring the skills of a top level machinist, a very skilled wood worker, and even an engineer.

Posted 16 January – I don’t recall ever seeing any published or offered, however, I’ve seen em for everything else including Garands. Perhaps I just wasn’t looking hard enough? Units they were issued to? You are asking the all but impossible question. Weapons move from unit to unit during their service life. The serial number records are kept at the unit level and if a firearm is shipped off for rebuild it comes off the unit property books and that is the end of its paperwork trail with that unit.

Next unit picks it up on their books after the rebuild is complete. Many times even if the weapon is sent in for repair it does not return to the same unit, the sending unit receives a one for one exchange. The Army does not maintain a central data base for the question you ask, it is not something they really care about. The only time they really get excited about what unit a particular firearm belongs to is when during a unit inventory they come up short or have extras.

Springfield Research at one time did have a project like this but it was mostly Trapdoor Springfields which during their time might spend their entire service life in the same unit. Similar thread on this forum with basically the same answer as I gave you here – http:

M1 Garand Serial Numbers

The distance between each digit often varies. Serial numbers ran alphabetically then numerically, when was reached the next serial number started at the next letter and again ran So far, no carbines have been found that start with the letters I or Q. Serial numbers were consistently at the front of the left side of the receiver above the stock line. The exception being first half of the G series, which have the serial number on top of the receiver behind the rear sight above the letters PMC.

When production reached Z the serial numbers started over at without the letter prefix, running numerically through end of production in

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Having a distinctive almond shaped skull with characteristic stalk-like projection resembling a pear and giving these helmets their name cabacette. Many of these were held in English church armouries from the time of the Armada, and examples were taken to the New World by the earliest English settlers, one has been found during excavations at Jamestown Island. This is a pleasing example, the rosettes and plume holder being restorations.

In all a handsome example of munition armour of the late 16th Century. In addition to being a being a famous writer, Scott was also an antiquary who assembled an important collection of arms and armour. He was a contemporary and correspondant of Samuel Rush Meyrick, and indeed commissioned him to procure items for his armoury.

The armoury is on public display at Abbotsford and is to be recommended to the student of arms and armour. The gauntlet dates to the late 16th Century and is of steel decorated with brass-capped rivets. Though handsome, such gauntlets are not rare, however, one with such a provenance to an early and important collection of armour certainly is. This is the only item of European armour to have left the Abbotsford armoury and is likely the only piece that ever will. The gauntlet comes with a documented and verifiable provenance.

The best book on arms and armour I’ve read in the last few years.

Plainfield Machine Company

I really enjoyed it. These production lines were the real wonder weapons. Blastattack It would be economically impossible to make one.

The following items can be found on the The Lanes Armoury website, with full descriptions, photographs and prices.

M1 rifle, better known as the Garand. During the ensuing years the weapon was continually being developed and improved, resulting in an exceptionally reliable weapon by December when the U. Russia and Germany also fielded limited numbers of semi-auto rifles, but none of them could compare to John C. During a select-fire, magazine fed Garand designated as the T20E2 rifle was briefly adopted as a limited procurement item. However, the end of the war curtailed all interest in the weapon resulting in the cancellation of a contract for , of the modified Garand Rifles.

By the end of World War II the total production of M1 rifles was 4, , weapons, a wartime production figure second only to the M1 carbine. All during the war there numerous upgrades and modifications being implemented into the rifle. When hostilities ended in , M1 production was suddenly terminated, and the Springfield Armory began to receive shipments of well-used M1 rifles to upgrade, rebuild and place into long-term storage. As the war dragged on a need for additional service rifles became apparent.

Despite the continued work on a select-fire, magazine fed service rifle, none were manufactured for issue. Instead, the government decided to resume production of the stalwart M1 Garand rifle. The Springfield Armory, who had produced a large number of M1 rifles during World War II, began to remove its vast array of M1 tooling and machinery from storage.

M1 Garand serial number

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This is a forum for owners, collectors and fanciers of military weapons.

Gunsmiths specializing in custom areas can be called upon by professional target-shooters, avid sports shooters, or anyone that wants custom attributes added to their firearm to create highly accurate or custom looking firearms. A Custom Gunsmith also builds high-end firearms for hunters and shooters with needs and desires that cannot be served by standard catalogued firearms offered by gun manufacturers. They may work in partnership with engravers and other specialized artists to produce unique finishes and decorations not possible on regular mass-produced firearms.

Some highly specialized gunsmiths can complete all firearm modifications without anyone else in the industry helping them. This is likely the most highly skilled of gunsmiths, as they are required not only to have proficiency in the other areas of gunsmithing, but must also be well educated in firearm finishing and machining , in order to manufacture the individual components and even springs before assembly takes place. Finisher[ edit ] Applies various chemical processes browning , bluing , Parkerization , among others to the metal parts of guns to develop corrosion resistant surface layers on the steel.

They may also apply case hardening to low carbon steel parts. Case hardening is a combined chemical and heat-treatment process which introduces carbon into the surfaces of low steel alloys that does not contain sufficient carbon to allow total “through” heat treatment. This carbon rich surface is then heat treated resulting in a thin, very hard surface layer with a tough, malleable core.

This process can be done solely for the mechanical properties hardness and toughness it imparts, or, by packing the parts in bone charcoal and other chemicals and heating in a heat treatment furnace for varying time periods, it is possible to introduce rich colors into the carbonized surface.


Prices continue to climb for nice rifles. Are you looking for an M1 Garand for sale? Long gone are the golden days where back pages of magazines were filled with ads of low-cost military weapons. Faint are the memories of local gun stores with barrels of rifles available for a price that would put a smile on even the thriftiest skinflint. It was a time when these guns were so abundant they nearly begged to be modified to cast their memories of military service far behind them in exchange for a long life of target shooting or hunting.

Horst Auction Center “The Voices Of Experience” Gun Auction January 7, — 9 AM. Click here for accessories list. Click here for important gun registration information.

Checked for working condition 2. Fired with proof round and checked for damage 3. Accepted by the Ordnance Department The maker’s mark and Ordnance wheel went on the left side of the stock below the back end of the receiver. The circled ‘P’ went on the pistol grip halfway between the trigger guard and bottom. I will list the main stamps by manufacturer in sequence of use, plus other stamps put on.

There are 2 versions of the S. This version is almost square with rounded corners and shorter lettering. There is also a more rectangular version with taller lettering. Gibbs used it on Post WW2 rebuilds.

Hra garand serial numbers

Assembling an M1 Garand Rifle From Parts Determining the Vintage and Source of the Parts Determining the Vintage and Source of M1 Garand Parts If you’re doing a Garand “build”, as opposed to a restoration of a complete gun, you will probably get a kit of parts instead of buying everything individually. The collection of parts in the kit probably didn’t come from one original rifle. Even if it did, that rifle had probably been through at least one armory refurbishment.

The M1 Garand was the standard service rifle from through The result is that the parts kit represents a wide range of places and dates of manufacturing.

This is a rare item. Springfield M1 Garand Rifle Type II National Match X51 ). The serial number of this example is XX. Prior to the Vietnam War the United States Navy re chambered their Click for more info.

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Springfield Armory M1 Garand 1957

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